What I'm doing now

I'm in Brisbane doing...

Writing Book 2: Fool Me Twice

  • Nearing 50% of the first draft of the manuscript
  • I have a deadline for the first draft of Jan 31, 2021 with a mid-year (hopefully) deadline

Selling A Fool's Errand 


  • Currently reading Katherine Kerr's Deverry series - I haven't read it for more than 10 years. Am almost finished.

Day Job

  • Steady working on a number of sites, and programming ventures
  • Scoping a new piece of software/prototype

Other ventures:

  • HAbout to start pushing my fun fitness brand:
  • Draft of the Website Planning Guide Course is in the wings
  • Set beginnings of another project in action, The Belief Bible.


  • I am back recording episodes talking about the new manuscript
  • Am also recording chapters of me narrating A Fool's Errand, in lieu of an audiobook which we're not making at present.


  • All versions of the book are selling well you can see more here


  • back into my routines, I need to get a couple of stats back into the good range. Already feeling better

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Current as of October 9, 2020